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Simply Accounts accounting software produces iXBRL abbreviated annual accounts for companies that fall within the definition of small companies e.g. Turnover less than £6.5 million (see detailed notes in iXBRL background).

Our system is automatic and no tagging is required by the user. You simply fill in all the necessary company details that are highlighted in the Annual Accounts main screen. The numbers are automatically taken from the accounts package. Select the relevant notes to the accounts. Once completed the Annual Accounts report may be generated and the iXBRL version saved to hard disk ready for inclusion in the CT600.

Automatically generated iXBRL accounts All Limited and Public Limited Companies now have to submit iXBRL format accounts to HM Revenue & Customs (this will at a later date also be the case for submissions to Companies House).

For straight forward companies there is an accounts template that HM Revenue & Customs provide on their website which may be used both for submissions to themselves and Companies House.

The HM Revenue & Customs accounts template, like the online CT600 (Short) return form, is aimed at small companies and organisations with straightforward affairs - that is those with fewer than 12 directors at any one period of time. But you can't use HM Revenue & Custom's template if you need to report any of the following: Simply Accounts accounting software produces iXBRL accounts for Limited Companies that fall under the definition of Small Companies that are entitled to file Abbreviated Accounts to Companies House. Simply Accounts does not produce iXBRL accounts for PLC?s and larger companies.

In most cases, small companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) are entitled to submit abbreviated accounts to Companies House - which means they have to provide less information.

For financial years starting on or after 6 April 2008, a small company (1 October 2008 for a small LLP) must meet at least two of the following conditions: Companies, groups and partnerships that cannot submit abbreviated accounts

Some small businesses, limited liability partnerships (LLP) and groups cannot submit abbreviated accounts.

A small company cannot submit abbreviated accounts if it is, or was at any time during the financial year: A group is ineligible if any one of its members is: An LLP cannot submit small abbreviated accounts if it is, or was at any time during the financial year: A group is ineligible if any of its members is:
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